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Webcam Best Models is a project born to create a platform useful both for users and models in the adult webcam industry, with particular concern to Chaturbate.

I am a retired model passionate about this industry and after 5 years of daily broadcasting I would like to share my knowledge with who wants to start his career in this industry.

I would like to start by saying that this industry has experienced a rapid growth during last years. In 2013 total earnings of this industry were estimated around 1 billion $. Now this value is surely greater since this industry is growing faster than porn industry. This is to say that you should not be discouraged by finding that there are tens of thousands of active models and many websites where broadcasting. Competition is hard but there is so much money circling in this industry that if you follow the right instructions you will start pretty soon to earn good amounts of money.

I always broadcast on Chaturbate, so I will give advices only about it, but most of them are useful also for other webcam sites. You can find the reason of my choice to work on Chaturbate in the article Why Chaturbate.

So, read carefully my guide and feel free to contact me if you have some specific question you want to ask.

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