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On the adult websites there are models who earn more than 100$ per hour and others who hardly manage to earn 20$ in an entire broadcast lasting hours and hours. Many of the most popular and rich models are not really beautiful and there are a lot of unsuccessful but very beautiful and attractive girls, so don’t care too much about your looking and do not discourage if you have not already succeeded. Beauty helps but it is nothing more than the 25% of the reason of success, the other 75% is determined by your ability.

Just read to this guide, following these suggestions you will improve dramatically your visitors, followers and earnings.

Video quality

Take care of the quality of the video. If you have some money saved you should invest it in a good webcam (with less than 70$ you can get a really good one) and illumination system. I know you will not like to spend money instead of earning it but I can assure you that you will get your money back in a very short time.

Do something different

Act in a personal way, try to do something different from other models. You have to convince users to come on your room and spend their money there with hundreds of other rooms available. If you just seat on the chair looking at the camera you will not encourage users to enter your room to see your public show or to ask for a private one. If you don’t have ideas for an original show you can contact us here and we can give you precise suggestions.


Do not show too much your naked body

Maybe you will find this point illogical but yes, this is good news, you do not need to spend all your show showing your pussy or your tits. More, you should not do it in order to be more successful. Just think about this thing: if I just want to see a naked model why should I go on webcam while there is a great amount of porn for free? Interaction is the key; it is what makes adult webcams different from porn. You should keep it in mind, users are not only looking for nudity and shows, they are mainly looking for interaction. In addition, think that you should give them a reason to tip you or to ask for a private show. Why should users spend their money if they see everything for free? Famous models make exception because they have a lot of fans who tip just for expressing their appreciation or for activating OhMiBod. You should spend some minutes naked showing your body and then dress yourself (at least your pants and bra). If you don’t like being naked in a public show you can also keep some clothes on and undress yourself only in private. You can earn much even in this way if you manage to do a lot of private shows. If you don’t know if you prefere doing public or private shows, read the guide to choose between private and public shows.

Take advantage of your strong points

Everyone has his own beautiful body parts or at least different from the others. Try to find which are these parts for you and focus your camera on them. There are some models followed by a lot of users just because they are attracted by a specific body part.