This strategy is mainly based on two points:

-          Choosing the right price for minute and the minimum duration

-          Making users come private


Choosing the right price for minute and the minimum duration

I saw many models set a wrong value for these two parameters with the consequence that they were earning less than a quarter of what they could just setting a more appropriate combo of price and minimum duration of the show.

Chaturbate has a button to show only models with a specific price per minute. Users choose among: 6,12,18,30,60,90.

So what happens: if you set 6 tokens/minute all users who want to spend the least tokens possible will probably see you. This is both positive and negative: your room will be visited by more people but often they are not intentioned to spend a lot of tokens. The situation is similar if you set 12 tok/minute.

First conclusion:

1)      Start with a cheap band: 6 or 12 tokens per minute. At the beginning you need to be seen and followed by the largest number of users possible. So don’t mind if you earn little money.

After reaching some popularity you should raise the price in order to monetize more your private shows. You will lose visitors but the ones you will have will be more inclined to spend tokens.

Second step:

2)      Move to a medium band: 18 or 30 tokens per minute. A good indicator that you can do that is the number of visitor you have in your room. If you are at 6 tok/minute, you are not doing a naked show and you have constantly more than 40 visitors, then raise the price. You can be sure that you are doing the right thing. You can do that even if you have less than 40 visitors but only if you spend very little time waiting for privates. So increase the price if:

a.       You constantly have more than 40 visitors

b.       You wait less than 5 minutes between a private and another one

You can increase again the price only if you are really popular and appreciated by people who come in private. If you do that you risk to lose your loyal users and to start earning much less. So pay attention

Last step:

3)      Move to an expensive band: 60 or 90 tokens per minute. If you are ready to do this move you probably don’t need this guide anymore so the only advice I can give is: pay attention.


Now let’s discuss the minimum duration. This is a topic often underestimated by cam models but it is relevant.

For example, if you set the price at 6 tokens/minute and the minimum duration at 10 minutes, if someone enters the private show you will earn 60 tokens even if he leaves the private before 10 minutes. This is good to prevent from users who just want to stay a couple of minutes but it will discourage all users to go private. That’s why they know that they cannot leave if they don’t like the show before 10 minutes. So my advice is simple: don’t set the minimum duration until you have a pool of users who trust you and don’t take care of the minimum duration.

Furthermore, I don’t recommend you to set a minimum duration if you set 6 tokens per minute.


Making users come private

This is the most challenging part of the game.  You should ask yourself: “why people come private?”. There are infinite answers to this question but 90% of times the answer is one of the following:

1)      To see a body part they cannot see in public

So don’t show too much of your body. The most important part to hide is feet. Most of the times someone goes private to see a body part is to see your feet. So, if you show them in public, these users will not ask for a private.

2)      To see you doing something for them

If someone wants something in particular, try to understand what he wants. Chat with users in a kind way and convince them that you are worth the private.

3)      To have a personal interaction with you

Some users just want intimacy. So try to smile most of the time, to show that you are in a good mood. You have to convince these users that they will be in comfort in the private show.


If you follow all these suggestions you will be in the best position to be a good choice for a private show for most of users

Public Strategy

Becoming a popular model among the public shows is far from being easy. On Chaturbate there are always between 100 and 300 models doing public shows. Fortunately, just few of them do their private shows in a proper way so there is still the opportunity for newcomers to gain popularity and earn money. If you read and follow this short guide you won’t have any problem to become successful in a relatively short time.

In this topic I will focus on how becoming successful with the public show strategy. General suggestions have to be followed so never forget about them. All I’m going to say is ineffective if you are not following my general recommendations. If you missed them, you should read them here before reading this topic.

If you have all general suggestions in mind you can read my recommendations specifically about public shows


Never stop interacting

You should always interact with your audience in any way possible: talking, smiling, laughing, joking etc. Users can see you while you can’t see them, you can just look at your camera and read what they write in the chat so at the beginning you will find difficult to be smart on the camera but don’t worry, with some training it will be natural for you.

Interaction is the most important point for two reasons:

1)      It will entertain the audience making users spend more time in your room

2)      It will tie people to you, it will make them feel comfortable. After some time, some users will start going to your room regularly

3)      It will make users more likely to tip you

If you look at the models in the first positions of the first page you will notice that they all have a great interaction with their audience. That’s why thousands of people spend so much time in their rooms.


Broadcast daily

Users need to see you online often to be convinced to follow you and followers who can see you online every day at the same hour will be more tied to you. After some time, some of your followers may come on Chaturbate specifically to see your show.


Feel comfortable in front of the camera

If you want to earn by private shows you should spend a lot of time naked on the camera. If you are not comfortable in front of the camera users will find you less attractive and they will probably go to another room. So think that you are drinking a beer with your friends and forget that there are hundreds of people watching you naked, relax and enjoy your show.


Do a good show

Unfortunately, what is a good show depends on many variables, some of them are the following ones:

-          what the other models are doing in that period

-          the number of models broadcasting

-          the number of active users

-          which are the most attractive parts of your body

-          the length of the show



So it is clear that there is not a general answer to the question “what should I do in my show?”. I cannot say to everybody “do that and you will succeed” but I can say to YOU what you should do in order to succeed, according to what you are willing to do. Feel free to contact me if you want. Here you can find my list of contacts.

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