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Hi, can you present yourself?

My name is Lily, I am 26 years old and I entered this industry in November 2016. At the beginning I was a  part time model because I had another job, currently I dedicate to this activity full time 🙂
I work on Chaturbate and SkyPrivate, platforms that I like and that give me confidence.
I always ask  users what kind of show they want and what I would like them to do, if they leave it to my choice I just follow my current feeling and I behave as natural as possible.

How do you approach your work? What kind of content do you produce?

I make general adult content and I am open to experience new things; normally I do not oppose to anything, as long as they are not very extreme things.
Users know and appreciate me because I am very kind, many times they don’t just want sex, they also love to talk and have a more personal contact. Sex, love and communication are always present and make everything work very well.
Recently I started selling my underwear because my followers asked me and I am happy to give them a little more of me, I do everything and I send them myself with a personal gift. Customers just have to send me an email and I explain them everything in details, always with great discretion.
Instagram and Twitter are powerful tools to reach more people and potential customers, social media are very effective for this job, I also use them to let my clients see me often and know a little more about me.

How is this activity affecting your personal life?

My personal life is not affected at all by this work, I combine life and work well and there is no problem, when a person does what really wants, people around understand it, this is a job like any other, I do not hide because of it. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your sexuality and making others enjoy themselves, I am determined to go ahead and I do not have complexes. It is really what I like to do, what can be better than that? Why should I be ashamed?
I have to say that the users are kinder than I expected at the beginning, I keep conversations with them normally and I do not like to feel that I always want to sell something, I cannot pretend every user to be a paying customer. Sometimes I have to face with trolls but I don’t give them much importance, as soon as I detect them I kick them out of my room and I don’t waste my time.
I love to laugh and a sincere smile also conquers your followers, in my view the most important thing in this industry is to be yourself.


Watch her on Chaturbate: littlelilispain

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