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Following the general topic of how to make your room special and make users remember your show, today’s topic is how to perform elegant shows. There are some examples of adult webcam models famous for their elegant shows, one of them is for sure Jana (Ocicat on Chaturbate) 26 years old female model, who’s able to have more than two thousand users in her room.

Here there is a list of some key factors letting her be successful in carrying out elegant adult shows.

Composed movements

She always moves gently; you’ll never see a clumsy movement in her room. On Chaturbate you can see many models struggling in (often fake) orgasms while she’s delicate, she shows her sexual pleasure with a genuine and kind attitude.

Elegant clothes

Elegant doesn’t mean expensive. Elegant clothes provide models with an elegant figure, not a rich one. Jana combines well colors and jewels, she looks refined without being overdressed. Her clothes come from every-day-life outfits, she doesn’t wear any kind of fetish clothes such as latex, fishnets or very high heels.

She never shouts

She generally doesn’t speak on cam, she’s quite a mute model. And when she reaches the orgasm, she doesn’t shout, she kindly moans quietly. In a room without music she combines an elegant figure with soft orgasms, the result is a stunning show.

Vanilla bio

No semi-naked pictures, no elaborate decorations, just a brief description of herself and the drawing of an innocent blonde model – representing herself – seen from the back. This minimal approach contributes to make her room elegant, each user who is visiting her room immediately understands that she’s going to behave like a princess and that she will consider herself as a jewel.

She rejects hard stuff

She’s not shy, you can see her showing her naked body, touching herself or playing with small toys, she’s simply too elegant to perform fetish shows or general hard shows. I’m not saying that fetish shows are bad, I’m saying that they would hurt the kindness of an elegant model, they would be inappropriate for her shows.

Soft makeup

She always broadcasts with some gentle makeup, never too striking. Taking care of your figure is crucial for elegant models, the goal is looking refined and natural at the same time.

Much focus on her eyes and smile

Typically, models try to focus users’ attention on their vagina, bottom, breasts or curves. Jana, despite of having a stunning body, put a lot of emphasis on her eyes and smile. She of course provides some close-ups on her intimate parts but users dream her blue eyes and innocent smile much more than her ass and pussy.